Thursday, April 14, 2011

My very first card challenge

As I mentioned in my previous post (my first post ever) it was this card challenge at Lily Pad Cards that inspired me to start my own blog. “Kathy’s Color Throw Down” is their first official card challenge, and the task is to make a card using the color palette below:

And here are my cards:

The first one was inspired by this "Hedgehog Kisses" cute card made by Vicky. So here is my card "Birthday balloons". I liked the idea of the birthday message being "carried up" by the colorful balloons:

As we can submit two cards for this challenge, I wanted to make another one. I am a flower girl, and as the spring is in the air everywhere, I decided to make one with flowers using the same color scheme as before:

I will admit that the blog set up took me longer than I thought it would so I am entering the cards here just before the deadline :)

I hope you like them. And thank you for stopping by :)


  1. Wow, Jana, we're very honored that our challenge got you blogging! You won't regret it. LOVE your take on the colors; thanks so much for joining us in our first challenge!

  2. hi jana. seen ur card through lilypads card challenge. i love ur baloon card , what a fun card to brighten up someone's bday ^^

  3. Hi Jana, What a cool story about your blog! What fun to know that Lily Pad inspired you!! I have to tell you that you have some serious talent. Love your take on Vicky's card!! ADORABLE!!!!! Thanks for playing along with us at Lily Pad and our "Color Throw Down"

  4. Thank you Kathy! What an honor it is to get such a nice comment from you - the author of the challenge! Playing with Lily Pad is so much fun, I never realized card challenges could be so rewarding :)